Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Rain, It Was A'Ticking.

this morning I woke up to a email from j atencio. it was a welcomed surprise and it made me very happy to know that j atencio is doing well:

“yo whats up fool? i just saw this video of you wining gold medals. you were also riding my saddle so i thought i need to email you see whats up. im in vienna right now. yeah thats austria, no big deal. i started going to the bike kitchen here. its amazing like k vibe just more punk so yeah i dig it...”

honolulu has been drenched all week long and yesterday was no exception. I am attempting to combat a potentially pesky flu and riding a bicycle in rain seems like the type of activity mothers frown upon. so naturally I agree to spend much of my saturday afternoon riding in a rain storm with brian erickson.

more details and/or photos of my steed via pedalroom.

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