Monday, November 26, 2012

You'll Need Those Fingers For Crossing.

"superprestige hawaii" cyclocross has finally arrived on oahu - a bit tardy, but prompt on "island time." the 2012-13 hawaii cyclocross season began on november 25, 2012 at the patsy mink central oahu regional park. unofficially/officially hosted by dale dolejsi, races will be held regularly every other sunday until february. after which participants are encouraged to mend their scrapped knees/elbows and prepare for the road race season. yes, cyclocross is off-season bicycle racing and yes, its fun.

the token islander, micah mizumoto participated in his first cyclocross race and then fell into a cyclocross afterglow deciding that he must have his own cyclocross-specific bicycle (micah was racing on a loaner). with cyclocross season in full effect, its time to skinsuit up folks.