Monday, February 21, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Exiting On Stage Left.

sunday leisure bicycle ride for colin. february 6, 2011.

“memories, buh,” pronouced nick.

the last week was filled with them. I celebrated yet another birthday, to my own surprise. somehow all the predetermined teenage hopes I had were never achieved; nonetheless I am becoming more content with where this world is leading me. flying to the moon was probably nothing more then teenage innocence.

zeek, my fellow downtown dweller/messenger/confidant spent a break discussing the choices people make in their lives. zeek told me about a fellow messenger who will be going to las vegas in hopes of cashing in on some overdue luck...”he has a family to take of.” money does not make you happier then you already are as person, I replied, but it goshdarn helps make life easier.

eilif’s girlfriend sadie arrived in honolulu and was immediately swooped to a campground on oahu’s north shore. sadie is thoroughly keen with living homeless and camping in tent for the duration of her stay. this completely baffles me but I am happy that eilif is happy.

following colin waki’s last TuesdayNightRide was a final sunday ride. a group of friends showed up on sunday morning and we headed off to the zachary manago graffiti mural in kalihi. the mural was gorgeously painted by fabled members of the local graffiti scene on the day of zach’s memorial.

it was late afternoon by the time we all arrived at the beach park. the bicycle ride around diamond head was gorgeously calm of automotive traffic - it was later confirmed that the american tradition of celebrating football kept the general public indoors. all of colin’s friends came out and we joked around, ate junk food, and celebrated a memory we all made together.