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The Truck Blew Up Believe It.

"I try not to be self-righteous about this, but I really don't understand why more people don't commute by bike. I was just reading about another gym opening up catering to spinning classes and Pilates that costs $29-39 a class, and sorry, that just doesn't make sense to me. Considering how easy it is to ride year-round in Portland (especially compared to my home state of Michigan) and the numerous benefits- the main one to me is not having to sit in a car for 45 minutes twice a day with the rest of the schmucks out on the freeways. Of all the many ways of enjoying bicycles, this is by far my favorite, and would be the hardest to give up. Plus, it allows you to more easily whoop on your friends on weekend rides. If you're still thinking about a smart New Years resolution...." -Dave of River City Bicycles