Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Sunday Smile.

aloha sunday. june 5, 2011. photo by michael keany.

after a year of nonexistence -admittedly my fault- aloha sunday reemerged. ryan lau secured a ton of sponsorship and honolulu’s premier one-gear bicycle gathering was held on june 5, 2011. some old-timers reemerged from obscurity to attend aloha sunday, but the majority of the attendees were rookie fixed gear enthusiasts.

I hosted “the great convenience race,” an alleycat that was the “fast bike” portion of aloha sunday. the race allowed participants to check in from as many listed storefronts in a span of eighty minutes. john hamilton won the race hands down with a total of thirty-five points (most stops were but one point each). hamilton was followed by scotty mcnally and brian erickson.

during the eighty minute alleycat race, honolulu’s finest -honolulu police department being awesome per usual- decided that aloha sunday could not be held at its current location. after disassembling tents and supplies the event relocated to makiki district park. somehow during the transition aloha sunday lost over half its attendees.

the remainder of the afternoon was a blur of bicycles, chatter, and travis’s crown royal from 1962. at some point the afternoon became evening and slowly but surely aloha sunday bid farewell until another sunday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How Strange, Innocence.

photo by erik patton.

thank gosh this friday is a state holiday - king kamehameha day. the week has barely begun and I am already dreaming about the perks of unemployment.