Monday, December 29, 2014

Left A Note And We Went And Hit The Road.

Tantalus Team Time Trial begins this sunday, january 4, 2015.
<<<< the details - via Bill Lezzer - are as follows >>>>
1. Everyone will keep their own time (garmin, stopwatch, whatever). They will time themselves once they leave the bottom of the park and relay their time to me at the top. I will be recording times to keep track of progression throughout the entire six weeks. It is obviously honor system.

2. I will still have team categories (Male, Female, Co-Ed, Total Age > 100.) but understand that most people will not have a partner. If riders show up without partners then they will start with someone else but will be recorded as a solo rider, without a teammate. Example: if you show up without a partner and so does another rider, you two will start at the same time (one ascending Round Top, the other Tantalus Dr.) and I will record your times individually. This will keep track of your weekly progress without the obligatory feeling of having the same partner every week. Does this make sense? I will be providing prizes at the end of my series. Some ideas are: Most Improved Team/Individuals, etc. I will also throw in some fun little prizes for those who showed up the most or to all events.

3. The first pair will start at 7AM. Riders will start in one and a half minute intervals. This will keep the roads less congested and it will also make it easier to record times at the top.

Sunday, December 28, 2014