Saturday, May 7, 2011

And The Sky Is A Blueish Grey.

zachary manago ghost bicycle memorial clean-up. may 1, 2011.

this was the strangest most mediocre weeks in recent memory. after a clear beautiful morning clearing zach’s ghost bike on sunday the weather turned into turd for the work week. coupled with symptoms of a developing cold, riding in the debris of city became a chore that grew exhaustively dreary.

the best moment happened on friday when I asked a legal express messenger how the rain was treating him. “great,” he replied, “its slow today. I might actually have time to sit down for lunch.”

I almost lost a client for the company as secretaries called my boss to complain about my rude attitude and cussing. which was shocking as I have never had a conversation beyond quick “hellos” and “byes” nor do I cuss. it felt as though I had dishonored the company. but the spewing of nonsense by secretaries just made me realize one thing:

messengers are seen as the lowest of the low in the downtown hierarchy.

bumping into annie prompted me to inquire if her employer - habitat for humanity - was hiring. annie told me that it would be a terrible idea and that I made more money as a messenger. indeed, but my choice of employment for the last year has become increasingly volatile and susceptible to oblivious motorists. annie then asked me, “could you really sit in front of computer all day?”

christian yee collected and edited through all the footage from our trip to the big island. made into a hefty nine minute short video, it shows everything still photography could not. and with a full mogwai soundtrack - scored by yours truly - it really gives the trip a cinematic sense. my soundtrack contribution was the least I could do after I completely failed to video document the most epic brakeless track bicycle hill bomb in modern memory.

the highlight of the video was when brian erickson exclaimed, “this is for the BIG ZACH” just before the race took off; truer words have not been uttered.

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