Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rest Easy/Age Kindly

a few weeks ago I had the fortunate opportunity to have a weekday free of obligations. it was short-lived and when the next day placed me back to being a mule in honolulu I grieved for my brief excursion from employment.

on that monday I rode my bicycle aimlessly with marissa, vincent tran, and erik patton. we stopped randomly to consume shave ice at waiola’s and then vegetarian food at the local hare krishna factory. there was no destination nor purpose and it was bloodly lovely.

a few weeks later I find myself bitter at work. defenseless against surly secretaries and my bosses whom - as they reasonably should - position with their well-paying client rather then their low-waged messenger. and it made me reminiscence about my one workday freedom more so.

mark lavendar, brian erickson, and I have teamed up for the “breakaway 100” bicycle race next weekend. the “breakaway 100” involves a team of three members riding one hundred laps across a standard quarter-mile track on the same bicycle. this roughly equates to twenty-five miles of sprinting on dirt track.

the truth is that I have been fairly mediocre in every race I have participated this year thus far. but I do sincerely hope that the “breakaway 100” rids my lackluster streak.

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