Thursday, October 25, 2012

We Can Definitely Get Out Of Here.

fifty individual bicyclists and their tribes attended "wheels for wasabi." it was grand show of unity amongst honolulu's bicyclists to show their support of amir "wasabi" najam - who was stabbed while cycling tantalus two weeks ago. the obliging koeppenkastrop family - owners of the local gelato comapny, IL Gelato Hawaii - offered participants post-ride treats at their tantalus residence. "wheels for wasabi" displayed that honolulu bicyclsts are many; random acts of violence against bicyclists will not be apperciated.

additionally, it has come to my understanding that my inexpensive canon point-and-shoot was inexpensive for a reason. many of the photos taken during "wheels for wasabi" were one big blurry overexposed mess - don't buy cameras at costco.

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