Friday, October 26, 2012

We All Have A Reason To Ride.

awhile back, the blue planet foundation non-profit commissioned a video to made of alternative transportation. in particular, the video focused on honolulu people riding bicycles. my friends zebulon brown and james harmon were briefly featured in the video getting coffee together and transporting themselves to the UH Manoa campus. that segment - and the video in general - authentically displayed the humanity of bicycling.

riding bicycles has larger ramifications then the intention of transportation. it allows humans to slow down, converse, and more often then not - make new friends. lives are often enriched by the human connections we make via bicycles. the addition of physical health is often an afterthought.

the only problem with the video was this: its unrealistic in honolulu. yes, there are small pockets of folk riding bicycles and connecting with others but this city will never oblige them. the video is a beautiful showcase of an alternative universe that will never exist.

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