Monday, August 8, 2011

Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.

haleakavelo roller sprints are finally making their way to honolulu. funded by limon flores and the kickstand: two full sets of bicycles, rollers, and software have been acquired. the kickstand - owned by cyrus camp and fiance nicky rowles - has been quietly setting up the equipment for a roller sprints event in late august.

cyrus told me that the roller sprints event would celebrate the kickstand’s two-year anniversary. this made me realize that I have been living on an island for two years as the kickstand began when I moved back. living on an island for this length was never part of the plan, yet somehow it became the plan.

last week cryus offered me the opportunity to test out the machines. he also invited jon “pluggs” isabelo who informed me that he ceased being a bicycle messenger. jon laughed heartily when I told him that I too was resigning as a messenger. tis’ the season to quit.

the roller sprint machines worked superbly and were simple to tune in. participants should expect thirty seconds of maximum effort - the identical fixed gear bicycles have a rather tall 46X13 gearings - and a sudden heightened heart rate. the inaugural haleakavelo roller sprints is destined to be a sweaty good time.

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