Monday, August 1, 2011

Dots On Maps.

the month of july - with five saturdays and sundays - ended with profound circumstances. my first road race on a road bicycle proved to be both disastrous and learning. the four months of seeking a new career path ended with procuring an amazing opportunity. and the lovely gal arrives home in weeks rather then months.

this week is my last week of employment as a bicycle messenger. it was always meant to be a temporary gig that lasted much longer then originally intended. messengers will always be held on the lowest end of the totem pole - even secretaries have a day dedicated to their profession. I will miss the days of passing another working messenger and exchanging head nods that acknowledge “today sucks.”

it is always a difficult workday when the rain decides to let loose and a fender is nowhere near proximity. but biking home with a friend in the rain always reminds me of being young and unstoppable. while the world is hiding in their automotive fortresses you and a friend are riding bicycles grinning mischievously. nothing is impossible.

august has arrived. schools are returning to session, the weather has gotten warmer (“end of summer” my ass), and its only a month away from my first foray at the dick evans memorial road race. the beginning of summer feels of a lifetime ago, and the approaching conclusion is so very curious.

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