Sunday, July 10, 2011

Since Forever.

summer will always be my least favorite season - it reeks of consistent heat and general temperature discomforts. honolulu’s ability to drag out summer eternally is rather obnoxious.

jeremy pang and I received our fyxomatosis jerseys from australia. it is jeremy’s first bicycling jersey as he slowly takes the plunge in the world of variable gearing. with the tour de france (or as greg refers to it, “tour de crash”) broadcasting on television, I have noticed many more people dusting off old road bicycles with flat tires. there has been a consistent stream of cycling enthusiasts whom come to mccully warehouse’s with flat tires from bicycles that they “haven’t ridden in awhile.” it is rather humorous to see what types of relics -that should be retired- and treasures that emerge on one weekend afternoon.

I am happy that more individuals are riding bicycles in public...or attempting too. whatever the reason: the tour de france on television, health or attempting to ween off foreign oil, the more cyclists on honolulu’s streets the less automobiles there are.

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