Saturday, July 16, 2011

"maybe one day our dreams can merge together."

“friday night lights” began as nonfiction book, became a film, and for the last five years the best television series ever made. america lost one of its greatest stories with the end of the television version of “friday night lights.” because that was what “friday night lights” was: american storytelling at its most visual. the series finale -entitled “always”- shall invariably be remembered as the single most momentous moment in american television.

as blogger doug norrie wrote: "'Friday Night Lights' is a story about very simple things that remain decidedly complex at their cores. Family is simple. Family life is complicated. Friendship is simple. Relationships are complicated. Football is simple. Football teams are complicated. Small towns are simple. Dillon, Texas is complicated. And while in that pilot episode, in that first half hour, we’d have loved to think everything would turn out for our heroes, the writers of 'Friday Night Lights' drove home, with crushing clarity the idea that life, in its simplicity, is incredibly complex."

it was never about winning, it was always about graciously embracing the odds.

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