Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cutting Sheets Of Scrap Paper.

the other day I went to the neighborhood bicycle shop, mccully bicycle to return/exchange a taillight. so rarely do I go into the storefront -opting for the warehouse instead- that I actually had a receipt for my purchase. bearing in mind how great the employees of mccully bicycle warehouse are it was quite a shock how terrible the service was at the store.

the store employee was busy cutting sheets of scrap paper when I approached him. I inquired if I would be able to exchange my pseudo functioning taillight for another one of the same.

the store employee asked, "why would you want the same light?"

I replied that it was the brightest taillight I had ever owned. and that the taillight was less then two months old but this past week I had noticed that it would shut down on mid-travel.

the store employee kept cutting sheets of scrap paper and did not look up once. he explained in his most condescending voice, "maybe you just ride harder then the light was made for."

he then proceeded to list all the possible reason for a taillight to cease functioning. I stopped him and said, "that's great. but what can I do about my current situation?"

the store employee said, "I guess I could give you small discount for another light. but I cannot exchange since it is past fourteen days. besides why would you want the same light?"

...all this while not looking up once. cutting sheets of scrap paper.

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  1. Was it the bulkier asian dude? I brought back a blackburn pump that had a lifetime warranty because the valve had stopped working on me. Suddenly the thing starts working in the store and the guy starts talking down to me like I dont know how to inflate tires properly. So i end up with the same crappy pump that still does not work properly.