Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Take Our Hands Out Of Control.

the final "put bicycle paths and make it livable" waialae avenue meeting was last evening. very likely it was the greatest amount of attendance, with both sides of the coin equally represented. its always a nice sight to attend a community meeting concerning bike paths and spotting a slew of unique bicycles and their unique owners.

in the crowd were lucas hussey of cycle haven hawaii - who appeared on vintage s-works bicycle and huge "holo holo ride" banner, alan oshiro - of team merkin and one of hawaii's few custom frame fabricators, cyrus camp - formerly of the kickstand, jon lott - kalihi's finest public educator, and pattie dunn - reaffirming to everyone that being sixty does not mean being inactive.

friends molly jenkins, zebulon brown, micah mizumoto, and james harmon were also in attendance. supporters of bicycle lanes were split into two distinct groups: the old folks and the youth. these differences occasionally cause miscommunication, but both parties were united to encourage city officials that striping waialae avenue with bike lanes could be the best use of public funds ever.

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