Thursday, May 24, 2012

An Open Letter to Honolulu Motorists.

dear honolulu motorists,

thank you for driving your truck into an elderly lady in a crosswalk. because of your impatient and negligent actions more automotive traffic was created in surrounding corridors. in turn this caused more impatient motorists to aggressively pursue alternative routes on small residential side streets. all in all, thank you for considering pedestrians and bicyclists in honolulu as inconveniences.

recently honolulu was ranked as america’s worst traffic city by INRIX national traffic scorecard. honolulu has actually surpassed larger cities such as los angeles for foul traffic conditions. all this would sound appropriate if it were not for the glaring fact that honolulu is a city on an island.

honolulu motorists, what is the point of rushing on island? no matter how fast you maneuver your weapon of mass destruction (a car is a weapon if used irresponsibly) it leads the pacific ocean. so unless your automobile has the capacity to become a boat, there should be no point in rushing to your next location - yes?

finally, thank you honolulu motorists for perpetually disregarding bicyclists. it is super nice when your rear view mirror narrowly misses my exposed arm at forty miles per hour. thank you for reminding me that you are faster and stronger then I could ever be.

kindest regards,

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