Monday, May 14, 2012

The Laws, We Changed 'Em.

this morning I watched as a line of automobiles honked their horns at a school bus for handicapped students. the school bus was obviously lost and after the intersection it u-turned and went back down the street. I live at a very residential neighborhood so it was extremely baffling to hear commercial traffic so bloody early in the morning. more appalling was the sincere lack of courtesy towards the school bus - this is an island, people.

no matter how foolish automotive traffic is in honolulu, it is not alone. there is a notion that the belgians - the founding fathers of cyclocross - had it all figured out. but after viewing a video of brussels’ absurd traffic through the eyes of a belgian bicycle messenger, there is much to be grateful for. at least in honolulu, motorists pretend to have “aloha” hospitality.

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