Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grease Is An Antiseptic.

the past week has yielding some interesting conversation(s). it somewhat began when an acquaintance randomly inquired: “Btw, is The tnr Fb page led by total jackasses? Whats ur input on it? Just,a thought?”

so I wrote back: “input: cycling is a positive activity, promote it as such.” and much to my dismay this was the reply: “I wish they did!? But many times i do not believe they do so. Well i dunno why i let them get in My head.”

a group of bicycling enthusiasts such as TNR - tuesday night ride oahu - ought to reconsider their existence. there is already too many jackass-ery in the world, why add to the cause?

while dispersing funds from an atm, a young kid came skidding his bicycle directly in front of me and asked, “hey, are you a messenger?” I stared at the kid with his baseball cap, lime green rims, sweat pouring down his face and replied, “I was.”

then he became really excited and asked if I could get him a job as a messenger, and what it entailed. I explained to him that messengers these days are basically mobile secretaries running chores. I also advised him to wear a goddamn helmet and that messenger work required patience as standing in lines was part of the job.

“yeah yeah, I’m down to mash,” replied the kid, completely missing every point. instead of correcting him I bid him good luck and repeated the previous advice of sporting a goddamn helmet. “I’ve got three at home,” said the kid as he rushed into traffic, cutting through five lanes. goddamnit.

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  1. aye thats me and i wear helemt now btw get me a job please