Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Intentions Are In Need Of Redemptions.

longtime alleycat race organizer cyrus camp, hosted “fool’s errand” on april fool’s day. it was cyrus’ first race since last year’s “where’s waldo” race. as honolulu’s fixed gear scene has shifted from bicycle messenger imitation to track racing on streets, there has been a sore lack of alleycat races. although it was small, it was nice to see an alleycat race occur.

scotty mcnally took first place, followed by john hamilton and molly jenkins. afterwards everyone unwound at makiki district park indulging in pizza and beverages. cyrus’ brother clark bought out his “commuter” bicycle aptly titled “slumber party II” as the first version was confiscated by law enforcement awhile back.

prior to “fool’s errand” there was heated chatter about race logistics. much of the argument stemmed from the moral conundrums of charging for an alleycat race - and if the participants actually received the money. my hope is that both organizers and participants support each other and strive to put on more alleycat races.

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