Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lazy Caffeine Fix Saturday.

after dropping nimz off for a five month stint as a NOAA monk seal researcher the apartment felt particularly empty. initially unable to fully comprehend nimz’s absence I noticed myself in a moment of sulk. so I contacted eilif and was grateful to find that he was available for shenanigans.

eilif and I took saturday afternoon by force. as eilif would soon depart for his home in corvallis, oregon if felt that many things had yet to be accomplished. we wandered into a wal-mart where I walked out with a “women of paradise” 2012 calendar for eilif; never ever steal from local stores, always steal from big corporations. we went to ala moana center: “hawaii’s premier shopping” and got lost at macy’s - which was as bad as it seems. met-up with kawika samson and proceeded to a bicycle shop where kawika would purchase an time trial aerodynamic helmet and I would purchase an expensive new castelli cycling jersey.

along the way eilif had his first encounter with shave ice. shave ice is basically crushed ice with high fructose corn syrup flavors but waiola’s on waiola street does it brilliantly. as the saturday afternoon came to an -inevitable- conclusion eilif inquired if he could take a quick shower via the pool’s shower. having been homeless - “houseless,” according to eilif - in hawaii for three months, eilif was always in need of finding a way to clean himself.

so off eilif’s clothes were. after briefly viewing eilif’s private bits I must admit that all the awkwardness of high school shower rooms reemerged. how much further in age does it take to be completely comfortable lurking nude amongst other nude men? the old-timers at the gym always appear plenty comfortable.

video filmed and edited completely with kawika’s iPhone 4.

Lazy Caffeine Fix Saturday from Kawika Samson on Vimeo.

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