Monday, March 21, 2011

Hollywood's Bicycle Messengers.

the profession of bicycle messengers has long been dominated by tattooed, tooth -teeth- missing, surly and disheveled folk whom have a knack for operating a bicycle in traffic. and now two hollywood pretty boys (joseph gordon-levitt and zac efron respectively) are acting as bicycle messengers for upcoming film projects.

look at the above photos of mr. gordon-levitt and mr. efron. notice how the only things mildly disheveled are their bicycle props professionally sticker-bombed. the gentlemen themselves are clean enough to be in a soap commercials.

what the heck hollywood?

it goes without saying that each time hollywood decides to base a story around a particular group of dissents it is done so in unrealistic manner. so my complaining is completely moot.

I am in no way stating that bicycle messengers must have a certain amount of tattoos, missing teeth, or level of surliness to qualify as being “real.” but for goodness sakes, find some actors with a bit more wear and tear.

this is bicycle messenger, by the way...

photo by brenton salo. sharky photographed in portland, oregon.

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