Saturday, January 15, 2011

Honolulu Motorists Hate Bicycles.

michael schwenke posted this on the alohafixed message boards:

"just a quick rant/frustration...

Went for a quick solo ride today and on my way back up McCully to King I was harassed by a 50ish year old guy driving with his wife in a dark blue e46 3 series BMW around 645ish. I was fully lit up with two rear cateye lights, one on my bike and one on the back of my AF white jersey, headlight, and sporting a helmet. We all know the things we constantly have to deal with when riding. Although I was clearly moving with the speed and flow of traffic, this person felt so deficient by being behind a bicycle. There definitely wasn't a gap in front of me. And by all means let me say that I had no intentions of trying to provoke something.

He decides to swerve over to he next lane speeding to get around me even though he was approaching a red light and stopped traffic. Naturally he swerves back into my lane and now thinks he can pass me from the inside (I claim the lane when I ride, especially on McCully)!? He nearly hits me and ends up running into the curb giving his pristine rims some major curb rash. We're now at the light, he threatens me by revving his car and sharing his thoughts with me. When I turn around to get a look at him, he gives me a little tap to my bicycle with his car. His poor wife looks horrified. Now I'm pretty bothered. I get off my bike and ask him what his deal is, tell him guys like him will go to jail, as well as few other words. Typical roadrage response, he yells telling me to get off the road. Now he's creating a scene, people are looking.

The light is about to turn green, I'm over this. I start off, approaching the right turn lane on McCully to King to turn right. He drives by and then suddenly swerves in front of me in the right turn lane and slams on his brakes. Thanks buddy, had a feeling you were gonna do that. So after he has to make a turn on King, he's probably feeling great about himself now. I'm on King too now, and whaddah you know, Isenberg's light is red. I get to the light shortly after him, I get behind him and take a picture of his license plate while he's sitting there.

Unfortunately I failed because my phone camera flash setting was on, so the plate reflected. But he definitely saw me taking a picture of his plates, the iPhone's flash is ridiculously bright. To make sure he saw, I even held up the picture to him in his review mirror. Whether the thought of me having a 'picture' of his plates on my phone spooked him or pissed him off more, I dunno. I was done here.

end rant/frustration />"

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